What we do

Content Management Systems

Take control of your web site’s content with tools that simplify the task of adding, removing and editing and make updating your site much easier.


We design and develop mobile-friendly tools that allow you to tap into an increasingly accessible method for communicating to your audience.

Hosting & Email Services

We offer multi-platform hosting and email solutions to ensure minimal downtime and a successful web presence.

Graphic Design

Our graphic styling team’s creations harmonize with all modern marketing methods. Our professionals stylize and personalize your logos, brochures, business cards, web pages and every other communications tool possible.


Our illustrators’ expertise transforms your rough vision into a draft illustrative concept that incorporates all of the technical details that you want to promote. Let our clear visuals make your message easier for your clients to understand.

Website Development

Through its unique, modern and professional designs, the team develops websites,  various applications and pages for different social media.  Inter-Vision gives you the option of modifying the content of your web pages yourself  by using an effective management system.







Pricing Plans



  • Hosting - one site
  • No email
  • 1 database



  • Hosting - one site with security
  • 5 emails
  • 3 databases



  • 1 to 5 pages website
  • No email
  • 1 database